The eye nebulizer is a big leap from the standard eyedropper. It is easier to use and more effective at delivering the right amount of medication, strongly reducing the risk of serious side effects. By limiting infection and other medical complications, our solution has the potential to even save lives. Eye diseases affect billions of...

This Gantt chart illustrates the progress made and to be made with so-called advanced drug delivery systems we are currently working on, particularly but not exclusively those in the nanometre domain. Our estimated phases resulted from discussions with a number of experts in the field who shared their views on aspects of the subject.

We are extremely proud of a patent application for the system that dispenses a single drop of liquid from a container. Our research showed that the majority of the patients has difficulties while eye drops application. These difficulties cause losses in the substance, incorrect dosage or its omission due to incorrect application. Of course, there...

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According to the WHO, vision diseases affect 285 mln people around the world, of which 39 mln are classified as blind, and the remaining 246 mln are characterized by a lower or higher visual impairment. The problem is huge, so we want to ensure that our solutions will successfully help a big number of people.

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Eyedroppers can be imprecise, painful, and in some cases dangerous. Used incorrectly, can deliver up to ten times the intended dose. When the excess drains into the tear duct, in extreme cases cardiopulmonary problems can arise. That’s why during the R&D process we design devices that improve effectiveness but also the safety of the device.