Passio Biomaterials Ltd

According to the WHO, vision diseases affect 285 mln people around the world, of which 39 mln are classified as blind, and the remaining 246 mln are characterized by a lower or higher visual impairment. The problem is huge, so we want to ensure that our solutions will successfully help a big number of people.

Open Labotec Ltd

Eyedroppers can be imprecise, painful, and in some cases dangerous. Used incorrectly, can deliver up to ten times the intended dose. When the excess drains into the tear duct, in extreme cases cardiopulmonary problems can arise. That’s why during the R&D process we design devices that improve effectiveness but also the safety of the device.

Passio Ltd

As a Technological Partner, we are making sure that our solutions are technologically advanced. In the same time, our solutions must deliver the medication to the right spot, no matter who was using it a doctor, caretaker, or patient. The whole device should be as natural and intuitive in handling as blinking.