Our Mission

Our mission is to create precise solutions which make the treatment of the diseases more efficient and safer for the patients. We are extremely proud of a patent application for the system that dispenses from a container a single drop of liquid.

Our research showed that the majority of the patients has difficulties while eye drops application. These difficulties cause losses in the substance, incorrect dosage or its omission due to incorrect application of the drops. Of course, there are many new high-tech devices on the market, but we created the only system that aid patients in using eye drop in a proper way.

Self-administration of eye drops, even among patients with the best of intentions, often results in a complete failure. Some of them get discouraged, while the others are not even aware their application technique is incorrect. In fact, there are several problems to be fought – a huge group of patients cannot get even a single drop into their eye, the others instil too many of them, while a considerable group is touching their eye tissues with the tip of the bottle. To make matters worse, people with severely impaired vision (being the ones who urgently need medication) waste the drops most often. According to our research, 30% of patients think that they apply the eye drops incorrectly, where the truth is that over 80% of the patients are doing it wrong.

Our Single Drop System is designed in a way that minimalizes or even totally eliminates mistakes that can be made during the administration of the drug. The construction assures proper placement of the nozzle right in the front of the cornea and enables releasing a single dose of the drug with one push of a button.

Our devices offer an option of adjusting the volume of the drop to meet a specific patient’s prescribed dose. This solution vitally raises the chance of administration of the exact amount of the drug instead of wasting several drops.

The last superb feature we thought of while designing the Single Drop System was implementing a mechanism enabling using drugs containing no preservatives. While using the device, no air is introduced into the drug reservoir, hence there is no need to use preservatives that may cause irritation and other side effects in some patients, especially after prolonged usage.

As you can see, we know how to identify new opportunities, add value, solve meaningful problems and answer market insights in the best possible way. Every day we observe new inventions and spot another way to improve. Our work is an ongoing process. We realize that still there’s a lot more to come.