The Passio Eye Nebulizer is a huge leap forward from the standard eyedroppers, which are already on the market. It is easier to use and much gentle to the eye. Most importantly, the process of eye nebulization is much more effective in delivering the right amount of medication, substantially reducing the risk of serious side effects. By limiting infection and other medical complications, the Passio Eye Nebulizer has the potential to literally save lives.

As anyone who has had to administer eye medication knows, eyedroppers can be imprecise, painful, and in some cases even dangerous. Used incorrectly, a dropper can deliver up to ten times the intended dose. When the excess drains into the tear duct, in extreme cases serious cardiopulmonary problems can arise, especially in the elderly or young patients.

In Passio we felt that there has to be a better way. According to our original methodology – Passio Innovation Way, we came up with a mesh nebulizer that could deliver a gentle spray of medication while maintaining an extraordinary design that maximizes the benefits of this unique solution.

First and foremost, the nebulizer needs to be able to distribute the exact and fixed amount of medication. This required modulating the device’s spray. Next, we need to make sure that the nebulizer could deliver the medication to the right spot, no matter who was using it a professional doctor, caretaker, or patient. Therefore, we are developing a solution, which ensures that the whole device can be as natural and intuitive in handling as blinking.